From Left to Right: Whisper, Crush, Heartbreaker, Wink, First Kiss, BFF

This palette retails for $23 at Tarte, Sephora and Ulta. You can tell by the pictures I have used this palette. I love that it is small and can be packed without taking up much space at all. This one tiny palette gives you so many different looks. I use the top row for one look (whisper all over lid, Crush on eyelid, Heartbreaker in crease) and the bottom row for another (wink all over lid, first kiss on eyelid and BFF for crease). They can also be mixed up and you could use different colors to do outer v etc. I have achieved so many beautiful looks from this one palette. The colors are very pigmented, they are soft and buttery shadows, they blend like a dream and there is not one bad shadow. I love this palette and was happy to have gotten six beautiful, high quality shadows for $23.

This palette comes with four matte shades, (Whisper, Wink, Heartbreaker, and BFF) and two summer shades (Crush and First Kiss).

Have you tried this palette? What’s your favorite Tarte product?


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