The above picture is to demonstrate the multichromatic effect of the color kittens. It comes of as either a pinky nude sheer or a gold sheer depending on how the light hits it. 

Again to show you differences with lighting. Top pic is bright lighting, bottom pic natural lighting. I never thought I could be wowed by a white shadow, but the color poodle wowed me. Great color for inner corner and it really makes the eyes pop!! 

Overall: The too faced natural love eyeshadow palette costs $59 for 30 shadows. The shadows are great quality shadows and are super pigmented, buttery, and blendable. A few of the matte shades were on the dry side and a little more powdery. In this palette there are seven matte shades. The rest of them are shimmer and Glitter shades. If you do not like that, you will not like this palette. I personally love that and these Glitter and shimmer shades were made beautifully. I am in love with the overall quality of this palette and the color range is perfect!!! Aside from the few dry shades, the majority was so smooth, creamy, and have a gorgeous color pay off. This is my new favorite palette. They apply beautifully with a brush. For my taste, this is my new everyday go to palette and I can’t see myself ever being without this palette. You can create so many beautiful looks from this palette. Again, as long as you love Glitter and shimmer shadows, you will absolutely love this. 


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