OK, so with the giveaway coming up I just wanted to go over a few rules for the giveaway that way everyone has time to ask questions before it starts. Remember that the photo I am using is not mine, nor is that my box. I am waiting for shipping confirmation on my box. I will post to Facebook when it ships, and when it arrives just to keep you informed. I am not trying to be strict, I want it to be fair. 

Rule 1: You must be 18 years or older or have permission from your parents. I have to reach out to the winner for an address to send this to. Be safe guys. 18 and older or permission from your parents. 

Rule 2: This giveaway is for US residents only. I hate to do this but please understand I am paying for the box, the shipping and other fees. I will do international giveaways, I promise. Unfortunately, I will not be starting with this one. Possibly next month. Any international address will be disqualified and another winner chosen. 

Rule 3: You have to like my Facebook page. This is mandatory. If somebody wins but has not liked my Facebook page they will be disqualified and another winner selected. This is the only mandatory for entry. 

The above is from my giveaway, it’s set up and ready to launch. I already said that the very first option for entry is liking my Facebook page. The rest of these are optional if you’d like the opportunity for extra entries. To make it fair I wanted to give everyone a chance to ask questions now if they have any. 

Rule 4: If somebody takes any of the extra entry points but has not completed the task for that point, they will be disqualified and another winner chosen. I gave you guys this heads up so if you want those points you can start trying to find me now. 

Rule 5: You can get a point for commenting and sharing on Facebook like you always do. You can do this once a day for extra points. You do not have to do this everyday. The winner is chosen by raffle so think of it like putting your name in a hat…. The more points the better your chance…. But you can still win without doing all of that. Your chances just increase. 

Lastly: You can get a point for commenting on my blog. The same way you opened to read this is the same way you will get to my giveaway. When the giveaway begins you will just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and leave the comment from the instructions. 

Any questions reach out to me. That’s why I went over all of this now. 



I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. I will package and send things as best I can but can not be held accountable for damage that may occur. Tracking will be provided. I do not endorse the products given away and am not responsible for any issues you may have with any of the products included in this giveaway. Those are manufacturers issues. This is fun and free. Anything you don’t like should not be blamed on me or the company it came from. These are sample products, even though they are full size and you are sampling at your own risk. It is your responsibility to read labels etc.